Pro.Energy – the solution for effective energy management

Pro.Energy – rozwiązanie dla efektywnego zarządzania energią

Monitoring, analysis, gain

Pro.Energy© software is a solution for monitoring and analyzing the efficiency of energy utilities used in any industry sector. The purpose of the software implementation is to help companies to optimize energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs.

The solution is based on open, reliable, and flexible technologies. It allows for adaptation to international standards, incl. ISO-50001 “Energy management systems. Requirements and recommendations for use” and EN-15232 “Energy performance of buildings – The impact of automation, control and technical management of buildings”.

Konfigurator Pro.Energy

Pro.Energy configurator

Pro.Energy© is a functional module of the Movicon NExT™ environment. It is based on reading data from electricity or heat meters. The data is stored in a relational database and is used to calculate the EnKPI (Energy Key Performance Indicators). This allows you to support users in analyzing their energy consumption and developing an effective energy management strategy. Thanks to analytical calculations, it is possible to reduce losses in the selected areas and obtain a quick return on investment.

An additional advantage of Pro.Energy© is the possibility of cooperation with independent databases of enterprise management systems. This allows for the introduction of MES-integrated solutions by combining consumption data with production data. The solution is communicatively open – it allows for the presentation of data and the definition of reports.

The software allows you to enter information about:

  • names of energy suppliers,
  • schedule of rates,
  • information about meters,
  • measurement units,
  • division of objects,
  • work schedule.

Basic information is presented in the form of SCADA screens and reports.

Ekran SCADA zużycia energii

Energy consumption SCADA screen

Szczegółowy ekran SCADA liczników

Detailed SCADA screen of meters