SCADA mobile and web technologies

Technologie mobilne i WWW SCADA

Web access to process visualization


  • No need to install software on the client side
  • The user of the web application does not worry about software licenses
  • HTML5 without the need to install plugins
  • Access from mobile devices

Low costs

  • Low costs of application implementation for the end customer
  • A one-time investment in a SCADA web server with the possibility of sharing data from various subsystems

Functions and capabilities available via the website

  • From basic monitoring of the situation in the plant to advanced possibilities of influencing the current state of the processes


  • Separation of access zones for groups or individual users
  • Making the visualization of all or selected elements of the process available via WWW

Full logging of user activities

Access to historical data

Reporting and alerting by e-mail or SMS

  • Scalability
  • Remote supervision of your enterprise
  • A solution for your customers – an extensive SCADA web system with separate access for individual users.